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No Service Fees for Renters / No Booking Commissions for Homeowners : You can keep your rental rates competitive, save your guests money, all while keeping more of your money in your pocket. 

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Free 180 Day Trial Subscription,  No Credit Card Needed!

FREE MyBeachRental 180 Day Listing - No Credit Card Needed.

Paid members see all guest and traveler contact detail information immediately. You can keep this information for your records. You control the rental process and deal directly with your guests.

We are seeing a mass exodus of travelers fed up with paying incredibly expensive fees on other listing sites. With MyBeachRental, you can find "The Same Vacation Rentals For Less".  

You control your Damage, Cancellation and Refund Policies, etc... We do not interfere with the way you manage your business. "Manage Your Vacation Rental Your Way".

You know what payment platform is the most cost-effective for your business, we do not interfere with how you manage your vacation rental business.

You can advertise your vacation rental listing for a fraction of the cost of a weekly rental. Our rates range from 27 to 49 Cents a Day!  A great return on investment!

We care about the guest experience and confirm ownership of EVERY vacation property listed on our site. Be prepared to provide documentation.

With the Free Limited Trial subscription you get:

  • Room for 20 or more high-resolution photos
  • Interactive map
  • Reservation calendar
  • Contact form displayed in your listing
  • You choose if you want a phone number listed, link to your website, or even a link to your listings on a competitors sites
  • Calendar Sync  with up to five outside calendars
  • SMS/Text notifications when inquiries come in 
  • Quick Quote Calculator 
  • Free and secure contact through the dashboard
  • Online booking 
  • You may upgrade from 180 Day Free Basic subscription to an Paid Subscription at any time. We will ADD the time you still have left on your FREE Trial to your Paid Subscription
  • Occasional Marketing on Social Media

An annual subscription with MyBeachRental allows you to list a property for a full year and pay one set price for unlimited bookings. There are no additional fees or commissions charged on any bookings generated from the website.

Paid Listing Features

Our annual subscription pricing starts at just $99 (Basic), $149 (Classic) and $179 (Premium) per vacation rental with STEEP discounts for multiple listings. That's 27 to 49 Cents a Day! 

  • Search Ranking: Premium (Highest) Classic (Higher than Basic, or 180 Day Free Trial)
  • Searchable by date and location (map)
  • Quick Quote Calculator and rate information
  • 24 - 50 photos (depending on subscription level)
  • Contact form & phone number and direct link to your property website
  • Access to email and phone number on inquiries
  • Availability calendar that you can easily sync with your other calendars
  • Ability to advertise special last minute deals for your property to help fill vacant dates
  • Direct URL to your property listing, so you can actively market your property as well
  • Online Booking 
  • Calendar Sync  with up to five outside calendars
  • SMS/Text notifications when bookings or inquiries come in 
  • Promotion on our Social Media Pages
  • Paid Marketing: All levels with a focus on Premium (Maximum)  Classic (Frequent) 

For those with two (2) or more properties, please contact us for STEEP discounts.

It's YOUR House - Manage it YOUR way

We are not in the business of trying to manage your property or force you into cookie cutter scenarios where you have little to no say. We allow you the flexibility to manage your rental property how you see fit. We will not force you at accept online bookings. We will not dictate what your cancellation policy should be.

Easy-To-Use Listing and Reservation Tools.

What you get with your MyBeachRental listing:

  • Listing page with a title, descriptions, reviews, & photos, to attract travelers to your vacation rental.
  • YOU CONTROL how you want to receive payments (you can choose major credit cards, money orders, Paypal, checks)
  • Complete control over cancellation policies. One size does not fit all.
  • Text notifications when an inquiry or booking comes in so you can respond in a timely manner.
  • Calendar Sync with your VRBO, HomeAway, AirBnB, Google or other rental calendars.
  • Optional Online Booking and Reservation Manager (Your choice whether to use it).
  • Many more options for listing amenities (indoor & outdoor), local sites (such as restaurants, airports, wineries, train stations, historic sites, etc.)  
  • Dashboard to manage your listing, calendar and booking requests.


Upload your vacation rental property quickly from select listing websites. Listings can be uploaded in just minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I list my property on MyBeachRental?

Listing on MyBeachRental makes it easy to earn rental income. We are a Richmond, Virginia based company with experience in both marketing and property management. We can offer you what the big box sites cannot, personal attention and targeted marketing to travelers who frequent on or near the water locations for their vacations.

What do I get with my listing?

Every listing comes with everything you need to start renting your property and earning income, including room for up to 50 high-resolution photos, interactive map, and reservation calendar. So once you sign up, you can start to build your listing... and get bookings!

Can I control who rents my home?

Yes. You are always in charge of who rents your home. Every inquiry and booking request comes to you. You can talk to the traveler to find out more about them and make sure they're a good fit for your property. And, we do not penalize you for not accepting a booking. Sometimes the fit between renters and homeowners is just not right.

Do I have to use Online Booking?

No. This is an optional tool provided to you, should you want to use it. You are not required to use it and are not penalized if you don't.

What types of properties can I advertise?

Acceptable rental properties include on or near the water properties including, houses, condos, villas, farmhouses, as well as houseboats, bungalows, cabins, yurts, cottages, estates, mansions, tiny homes, town homes, duplexes, apartments, and yachts. We do not list properties that are just renting out rooms, rather than the whole house. After all, we are not AirBNB and nor do we want to be.

Registration is easy and takes just a couple of minutes.